Wolf Ram Heart is a Euro-centric, American group with members split between the cities of Columbus (Ohio), Chicago (Illinois) and Flagstaff (Arizona). This is a band bent on marrying art with popular music. Retro-futuristic best defines their sound that straddles both neo-psychedelia and dark art dream pop. The music is an all encompassing hybrid of pop's faded echoing sensibilities, molded into a modern space, and created in a sound that allows these hauntings to occur and transform. 

After the release of their critically acclaimed "Betrayal of Hearts" in 2011, the band debuted in the top 20 on the CMJ Radio 200 and was voted the second most anticipated release in the country for the second week of April by Magnet Magazine. Later that year, Wolf Ram Heart were chosen as an artist of the week on CMJ and the track "Viewgirls" was included on the fall sampler for Under The Radar. In 2012, they earned best new artist features in both Blurt and Filter magazines. The year also saw them performing at some of the biggest festivals in the industry such as the CMJ Music MarathonMidpoint Music Festival and NXNE. Currently they are working on a follow up release set for 2016.

"The group additionally slots in wonderfully with the contemporary dream-pop movement (Beach House et al) while retaining a visceral originality that suggests a cinematic approach to songwriting. An eventual liaison with Hollywood seems all but inevitable, given the widescreen vibe and rampant eclecticism; these folks seem to share a sensibility with veteran film scorers as diverse as Ry Cooder, Calexico and even director David Lynch." - BLURT

"Adhering to Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” recording technique, Wolf Ram Heart blends ‘60s-style melodic pop with ‘80s-style reverb-drenched Brit-rock not unlike music being put out in the early days of Creation and 4AD..." - THE BIG TAKEOVER

"While the influence of the paisley-and-incense era can be discerned throughout the record, it's consistently channeled into a distinctly modern-sounding style that has as much in common with the 21st century indie rock scene as it does with the 1967 hit parade." - ALL MUSIC GUIDE